Attain IVF | Multi-Cycle Program Costs

Multi-Cycle Program Costs

Our Multi-Cycle Program Costs provide a way to manage the costs of IVF treatment. If you choose to participate in one of our programs, you will pay a one-time, discounted fee for a course-of-treatment plan. Your exact program fee will depend upon your fertility clinic’s fee schedule, your specific treatment plan, and in some cases, your age.

Your Attain Customer Care Specialist will be able to provide you pricing for your Multi-Cycle Program once your application has been processed. Below is sample pricing for our refund and multi-cycle programs.

If you have insurance coverage, our program is still valuable to patients with limited insurance.

In many cases, insurance benefits can be used to cover a portion of IVF costs. Talk with your Attain Customer Care Specialist to learn how to maximize your coverage and your chance of success.

Loans to help cover Multi-Cycle Program costs are available through our lending partners Health Credit Services, Capex and Lending Club.