Attain IVF | Multi-Cycle Programs Offer Hope for IVF Patients

Multi-Cycle Programs Offer Hope for IVF Patients

If your doctor recommends IVF as your best opportunity to have a baby, Attain IVF® Flex Plans are a smart solution that will help you control costs. They are proven, course-of-treatment plans that increase your chance of having a baby by providing you multiple IVF cycles for a single, discounted fee. Depending on which Multi-Cycle Program you participate in, you will pay about 30 to 40% less than if you were to pay for the same exact treatment plan on a cycle-by-cycle basis.

There’s a Multi-Cycle Program option for any treatment plan

Whether you are using your own eggs or plan on using donor eggs, there is a Multi-Cycle Programs that’s just right for you.

We define success the same way you do: taking a baby home.

Approximately 80% of Multi-Cycle Program participants who complete the program take home a baby. Learn about why our course-of-treatment approach works.

Reduce stress

Attain IVF allows you to take care of financial concerns before beginning treatment so you can then focus on having a baby. Our course-of-treatment Multi-Cycle Programs reduce worries over how much to spend or how many times you should try. You have peace of mind that you are committing to the treatment plan your doctor designed for you that gives you the greatest chance of success.

Available exclusively at centers in the Attain Fertility Centers network
Multi-Cycle Programs are offered exclusively at clinics within our Attain Fertility® Network. Our network is made of 40 fertility clinics at over 150 convenient locations nationwide. We have more than 190 Reproductive Endocrinologists who perform 25% of all IVF procedures in the U.S. annually.

Fees and finance options
Your IVF costs will vary depending on your practice’s pricing and your customized treatment plan. Your Attain Customer Care Specialist will discuss program options with you once your application has been processed.

In addition to your own credit options, we offer access to financing plans that allow you to minimize your cash payment. We will assist you with understanding your financing options, including using limited insurance benefits.

Our goal is to ease your mind about IVF costs so you can focus on having a baby!