Attain IVF | You May Be Eligible for a $100 Rebate on Fertility Medications!


You May Be Eligible for a $100 Rebate on Fertility Medications!

When you finance your Attain® IVF enrollment fee with CapexMD

Attain® IVF and CapexMD want to help make IVF treatment possible! If you take out a loan with CapexMD during the month of August to finance your Attain IVF program fee and include your fertility medications in the loan – you’ll automatically qualify for a $100 Rebate.

About Attain IVF

Attain IVF programs are proven, course-of-treatment plans that increase your chance of having a baby by providing you multiple IVF cycles for a single, discounted fee. To learn more about Attain IVF, call Attain Customer Care at 866-968-7483 or visit them online at

About CapexMD

CapexMD offers attractive loan plans if you would like to finance all or part of your Attain IVF program fee. You can choose to include your fertility medications in your loan plan, as well! Call CapexMD at 888-222-8402 to discuss how a loan plan can help make IVF costs manageable.  Loans are processed in 24 hours.

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Offer expires August 31, 2014


Offer Details: $100 Rebate is available to patients who finance fertility medications along with the Attain IVF program.  The Rebate is independent of the dollar value of the medication funded, and will be applied to your loan as a principal reduction to your loan balance. This offer is available on all CapexMD loans disbursed between August 1, 2014 and August 31, 2014.August expires August 31, 2014. One rebate per loan. Void where prohibited.

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