Attain IVF | Financing IVF and Other Infertility Treatments

Financing IVF and Other Infertility Treatments

There’s no doubt that infertility treatment is expensive, especially procedures like IVF. And if you’re worried about paying for treatment, you’re not alone. A recent Fertility Patient Study conducted by Attain Fertility®, shows that nearly 70% of those who think they have fertility problems and haven’t sought help, cite the cost of fertility treatment as their top reason.

The great news is that IVF and other infertility treatments may be more affordable than you think. What’s important is that you do your homework early on so you have an understanding of what your options are as you make important decisions about the treatments you’d like to have.

In this section are tips and resources you can explore as you take the next steps toward fertility treatment, including:

  • Fertility loan companies like Health Credit Services
  • Multi-Cycle Programs
  • Infertility insurance benefits
  • Using your existing assets and investments
  • Fertility grants
  • Credit cards and more

When you meet with the Financial Counselor at your fertility clinic, you’ll be able to discuss your options. Your Financial Counselor is committed to helping make fertility treatment costs manageable, so you can realize your dream of having a baby!