Attain IVF | How Attain IVF Works

How Attain IVF Works

Our path guarantees you the greatest chance of becoming a parent. We will guide you through our IVF treatment Multi-Cycle Program, including helping you find a fertility center and team of medical professionals in our network that meet your needs as well as helping you with the Multi-Cycle Program option(s) available to you.

Once you’ve seen a specialist within our network and your doctor recommends IVF, your center can check your Multi-Cycle Programs eligibility for you. There’s no cost to apply and no obligation to participate in any of our programs.

It’s just 3 easy steps:

  1. Our clinical staff will review the medical information your clinic provides us to determine which Multi-Cycle Programs you are eligible for. In most cases you will have already gone through the tests we need. If there is testing that has not been completed, your clinic will contact you.
  2. One of our Attain Customer Care Specialists will then contact you to discuss your options and send you a contract.
  3. All that’s left is for you to sign your contract and pay your one-time, discounted fee that's up to 40% less than your clinic's retail pricing – and then you’re ready to start treatment!

Our Multi-Cycle Programs are offered exclusively at practices within the Attain Fertility® Network. Our Attain Fertility Centers network consists of 40 fertility centers with more than 150 locations nationwide and over 190 Reproductive Endocrinologists. The fertility practices within our network perform more than 25% of the IVF procedures in the United States annually.