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IVF Treatment Costs

If you are considering IVF treatment, you may have questions about what IVF treatment costs, what may be covered by insurance, what our Multi-Cycle Programs cost, and what financing options you may have... so let's get those concerns out of the way right now.

There are three types of expenses related to IVF:

  1. MD consult and testing. Your health insurance may cover all or part of these expenses. The consultation and testing fees range from $1,500 to $3,500.
  2. Treatment. The national average for IVF treatment is $10,000 per fresh cycle and $3,500 per frozen cycle. You can either pay as you go, or if you enroll in an Multi-Cycle Program you pay a single, discounted fee for multiple cycles and it’s up to 40% less than the same plan if you were to pay on a cycle-by-cycle basis. 
  3. Medications. Depending on your treatment plan, medications typically range from $2,500 to $4,000 per cycle.

These estimates provide a range that you can typically expect. However, your fertility clinic’s pricing and your customized treatment plan will determine what it will cost you.

If you have infertility insurance benefits, some of your expenses will probably be covered. The insurance or financial counselor at your clinic will work with you to ensure that your benefits are maximized.

Loans to help cover Multi-Cycle Program costs are available through a number of lending partners.  Click here for details.